An Eye to Windward

I’m pleased to announce the release of my new album, An Eye to Windward, out now on Shipwrec’s ambient sublabel Phainomena. It’s available on hazy red marbled vinyl and download/streaming.

Once again, Nathaniel Reeves handled the art and design, capturing the mood of the album beautifully. Visit his Behance page for some insight into his design process, as well as some gorgeous release renders.

A few of you have been in touch recently regarding Understory vinyl shipping, so I feel it’s worth clarifying that I don’t actually post the vinyl myself. While all my releases appear to fall under my direct control on Bandcamp, they’re actually administrated by their respective labels, who then link their release pages with my artist page. It’s all very cool and very useful, but its opacity also leads to some confusion about who does what regarding physical release fulfillment.

So please bear with us while we continue to negotiate the general pandemonium that still exists among internation postage services due to Covid measures and staffing problems. It’s difficult to offer precise delivery estimates and make promises at the moment, so all I ask is for a little patience while your releases are shipped out. If you have any concerns about your orders, please direct these to the labels in question. Thanks, Chris.


Understory artwork

I’m excited to announce a new EP/mini-album called Understory. It’s available now on digital and orange vinyl via Mystic and Quantum Records, and features a crop of new work produced during this year’s covid-related hunkerings, as well as a couple of tracks previously shared individually (see earlier jam vids!). Guy Warley created the fantastic artwork for this release, and I could not be more thrilled to have his work on the cover.

Vinyl is limited to 300 copies, and is currently available via Mystic and Quantum’s Bandcamp page. It will also be available on in due course. Bandcamp subscribers will naturally find that the release has been added to their collection.

Being able to focus on this release has offered me some respite from what has otherwise been a punishing year. All going well, I’ll be back with some more new music next year – let’s make it a good one.

Synths Jams

A couple of recent synth jams, featuring a solo effort with the Digitone, plus a hardware ensemble. The ensemble jam was sequenced by the Digitone, sequencing the Virus, Evolver and Micro Q, clocked by an Analog Rytm.


Making the most of a global detune accident on the Evolver, resulting in a somewhat tipsy track. Plenty of parameter jamming present.

New Track: ‘Late Transition’

Inspired by the recent live ambient ‘Fluister’ (whisper) evening I took part in, I thought I’d try a quick, guitar-based ambient track using some of my under-utilised pedals. The result is a new track on SoundCloud called ‘Late Transition’.

Process in brief: I ran a pitch shifting pedal into a looping/freeze pedal to sustain chords and notes in different registers, to create a nice wide palette of tones, then ran that into some delay and reverb for the more usual ambient ‘blooms’. Simply repeating chords and moving intervals up allowed for some pleasant harmonic variations, from sub rumbles to organ and woodwind sounds. I’m pleased with how it turned out – might be a nice prototype for an EP of four or so tracks.

New Remix: Foresense - ‘Projector’

Thinking back to the antilounge live night/release party that I played at last month, celebrating the release of the Weerhaak EP for Hague-based artist Foresense, here’s the remix I contributed of the track ‘Projector’.

In addition to the usual download options, there’s a very limited cassette tape edition of the EP available.

© 2002–2021 Christopher Leary
Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.