Synth Jams (DSI Evolver)

Here are a couple of videos (should embed as a playlist) of me jamming away on my beloved Dave Smith Evolver. It’s a thoroughly unique and characterful hybrid analogue/digital monosynth, which marked Dave Smith’s return to synth manufacturing back in 2002. A modern classic.

The first video’s more of a Mouse On Mars-style noodling, full of grit and filter FM. The second’s a more minimal, melodic affair, building up a nice chord sequence (while the synth’s monophonic, you can address each OSC individually with the built-in four-channel sequencer). I’ve chucked the editor up on screen so you can see what’s going on, as the matrix interface is rather opaque at a glance.

New Remix: Julien Mier - Well

Julien Mier - Untangle the Roots artwork

Sydney-based Dutch artist, Julien Mier, has recently released a new EP on Barcelona’s Sin Hilo label. Untangle the Roots includes my remix of Mier’s track ‘Well’, and is one of four remixes capping-off the 10-track EP.

As well as various digital options, it’s also available as a beautifully designed 12” pressed on white vinyl, and sleeved in a delightful translucent printed discobag. Excellent job on the design and packaging.

If you’ve never heard Julien’s music before, you can expect playful, upbeat tracks full of jazzy chords, found sound percussion and sunny melodies. Over to the Bandcamp embed:

New Track: ‘Fall City’

I’ve got a new track called ‘Fall City’ on the latest volume of this bumper Twin Peaks-inspired compilation, released through French zine Indie Rock Mag.

The free release is entitled ‘If You Were Falling in Space​.​.​. (The Angels Wouldn’t Help You)’, taken from this scene in Fire Walk with Me.

Oddtronica Guest Selector

Gig flyer

Tomorrow I’ll be the ‘Tunes for Zoon’ guest selector on Zoon van Snook’s Bloop London radio show, Oddtronica. I’ll be picking five tracks that have recently been floating my boat, and will talk a little about each one. The show’s always an interesting mix of tracks from the outer fringes of electronica, and is well worth a listen if you can make it.

The show airs from 18-20:00 GMT 🕕 on Sat 25th 2017. You can tune in and listen live over at Bloop.

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