New Track: ‘Late Transition’

Inspired by the recent live ambient ‘Fluister’ (whisper) evening I took part in, I thought I’d try a quick, guitar-based ambient track using some of my under-utilised pedals. The result is a new track on SoundCloud called ‘Late Transition’.

Process in brief: I ran a pitch shifting pedal into a looping/freeze pedal to sustain chords and notes in different registers, to create a nice wide palette of tones, then ran that into some delay and reverb for the more usual ambient ‘blooms’. Simply repeating chords and moving intervals up allowed for some pleasant harmonic variations, from sub rumbles to organ and woodwind sounds. I’m pleased with how it turned out – might be a nice prototype for an EP of four or so tracks.

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Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.