‘Project Caelus’ Microsite

Project Caelus microsite.

I’ve created a microsite for Project Caelus, which I hope will help shed some light on the album’s inspiration. Try leaving the site open while you play back the album from a high quality source. The web app will monitor audio playback using your computer’s microphone, decoding pockets of data that I’ve woven into the audio, to reveal sites of interest for each track.

There are a few caveats though. Given the varied cocktail of hardware and browser combinations out there, your success decoding the audio will undoubtedly vary greatly. I’ve successfully tested this on a Macbook Pro and PC running Chrome and Firefox, but have had no such luck with either Edge or Safari (nor with my iPhone). But even if your browser appears to successfully run the app, you might find that either your speakers can’t play it back cleanly, or your microphone can’t pick it up accurately (your equipment needs to be able to accurately convey and receive very high frequencies, as I’ve used a modulation frequency centring around 19kHz). Most mp3 sources filter everything out above 16kHz unless you specifically ask the encoder not to, so chances are these won’t be of sufficiently high quality to retain the encodings. Bandcamp streams won’t cut it, but Spotify streams and FLAC playback should be good enough.

I do hope you’re able to have some fun with it, but if it doesn’t seem to work for you, I’ve tried to make the site itself enough of a clue as to the general theme of the album.

© 2002–2023 Christopher Leary
Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.