New remix of Roel Funcken

Roel Funcken - Dear of the Yog artwork

Touched Music released this Roel Funcken remix album a few days back, called Dear of the Yog, which includes a couple of contributions from me. The first is a collaborative effort between me and Roel, which was initially a remix of a band whose name has unfortunately completely escaped me, which ended up being retitled with the original elements removed, so that we could release it separately.

The second piece is my remix of Roel Funcken’s Android Robson, in which I’ve cherry-picked a melody and rebuild the track around it with some Evolver and guitar pedals.

As ever with Touched, all proceeds from the album sales go to charity, which in this case is the Soi Dog Foundation, a charity that rescues dogs from the dogmeat trade in Asia. Anyone who knows Roel knows how much of an animal lover he is, so it’s been a pleasure to do something to help him help abused and maltreated Dogs.

In addition to the usual download formats, DotY is also available on a limited digipak CD.

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Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.