Synth Jams (DSI Evolver)

Here are a couple of videos (should embed as a playlist) of me jamming away on my beloved Dave Smith Evolver. It’s a thoroughly unique and characterful hybrid analogue/digital monosynth, which marked Dave Smith’s return to synth manufacturing back in 2002. A modern classic.

The first video’s more of a Mouse On Mars-style noodling, full of grit and filter FM. The second’s a more minimal, melodic affair, building up a nice chord sequence (while the synth’s monophonic, you can address each OSC individually with the built-in four-channel sequencer). I’ve chucked the editor up on screen so you can see what’s going on, as the matrix interface is rather opaque at a glance.

© 2002–2023 Christopher Leary
Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.