Isolette Remix Stems Available

After recently receiving an excellent remix of Paper Unicorn by Marc Melia, I thought I'd make stems for the rest of the EP publicly available.

Some of the parts I use are typically bathed in convolution or delay effects, in which case I've also included some dry versions for added flexibility. Most have an intro bar of silence, except Glassmaker, which starts instead with a single beat of silence (as I'd prepared that a while ago on a separate occasion). Should all be 24-bit wavs. Let me know if I've messed anything up.

01 Paper Unicorn (98bpm)
02 Ark of Comfort (115bpm)
03 Hivernal (122.6bpm)
04 Infinite Bookends (81bpm)
05 Glassmaker (127bpm)

Have at it!

I'd put stems from earlier tracks online, but thanks to the general impermanence and incompatibilities of music software, plus my relaxed attitude to track freezing, many tracks fail to load or play correctly. Lesson learned: freeze and archive! Should be easier from this point onwards, now I'm over the 64-bit hump.