Telepath Event Feb 24th

Telepath 02.24 Flyer

On the 24th of Feb I'll be taking part in 'Telepath', an online event on (a service which appears to have risen from the ashes of It looks to be an all day event, running from 9am to 9pm PST in the States, so hopefully it'll mean wherever you're located globally, you'll be able to catch some of it.

One of the definite advantages of over Turntable is that foreigners like me no longer need some sort of US-proxy to get on the site. By the look of things you can pull music from SoundCloud and Youtube too, rather than either upload or select from an existing database of music, which makes it pretty flexible (and hopefully puts more control over the music in the hands of the artist -- here's hoping. I didn't like the way your uploads used to remain on Turntable's servers even after you deleted it).

Anyway, expect some new material to be aired. I'll update this with more info on precise set times. It'll probably be late in the evening here in the UK when I start my half-hour.

In other news, I'm getting back on the live circuit this year after my little PhD hiatus, with the first gig lined in Utrecht, NL. I'll post properly about it soon, but you can see I've already added a Songkick tour widget to the site sidebar, which you can use to track gigs.

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