Production Portfolio Update

I've finally finished updating my production portfolio, following a few fevered QuickTime encoding sessions, showcasing most of the higher-profile work I've completed this year (plus some of my favourite projects from the past few years).

Initially I was a little reticent to combine my recording and production work under the 'Ochre' umbrella, but seeing as though the production side of things now (thankfully) makes up a sizeable portion of my working life (along with my mastering work), it seems to make sense now for my site to reflect this. It's also a good means of keeping my portfolio neatly catalogued, online and in one place, as I had almost forgotten about some the work I'd undertaken in the past (I'd been busier than I thought!).

Additionally, I've created a small library of available production tracks, which will hopefully serve both as a demonstration of my compositional versatility, as well as a catalogue of pieces that are available for licensing.

I'm very keen to expand my portfolio, particularly with some game audio work, so if you're an aspiring game developer in need of some music or sound effects for your game, please get in touch. Although I've licensed my music for use in games in the past, I'm really itching to get stuck in with some game audio production, interactive music and sound design, so I've been poring over various audio APIs, raising my proficiency with FMOD and Wwise.

Finally, I'll be dropping some news about some Ochre related releases over the forthcoming weeks, so stay tuned. Thanks!

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Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.