Ochre Shirts Refresh etc.

Visit my Spreadshirt store!I figured it was about time I revamped my line up of shirts in an effort to simplify what's on offer and cut down on choice paralysis. The options have been whittled down to logos in black and white (leaving you to select your shirt colour), plus a small selection of hand-picked colourways. Garments are limited to mens' tees, manufactured by those wacky soft pornographers, American Apparel (though I might try some other garments soon). The stores are also a little prettier and more easily navigable these days too, following some thorough settings-delving and customising. No longer do you have to click on an individual garment to change colour.

Although I've still got both shops on the go, the US-centric .com and the Eurocentric .net, there's nothing to stop you ordering from either. Spreadshirt seem to operate on a 1$=£1 basis, which while initially baffling, might not be far from the truth when you factor in customs and VAT if ordering from the US store to the UK, for example.

I'll also be ending the current sale on physical products soon. No set date, but probably some point this week, so if you've been thinking about grabbing a Lemodie CD or Midsummer vinyl, act (moderately) quickly.

Lastly, you've probably noticed the new 'Production' label in the menu. As well as being kept comfortably busy with the mastering, I've also been doing more bespoke production work for various media clients, which I've been thoroughly enjoying. The frenetic work pace, prescriptive briefs and urgent deadlines contrast nicely with my (perhaps overly) leisurely Ochre output of late. I'll add these projects to the site once I receive the completed video files etc., and will no doubt post an update.

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Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.