Name Your Price

It's well into 2011, and now that they have officially ceased trading, my album contracts with Benbecula Records have expired. As a result, I've kindly had the rights to 'Lemodie' and 'Like Dust' handed back to me, so I've made them both available for download directly from my Bandcamp page (alongside 'Midsummer').

All three albums are downloadable on a 'name your price' basis, currently with no minimum charge, so if you simply feel like swiping them without paying a penny or sharing your email address, you're free to do so. Better yet, you can set a price you deem fair for my hard work, and sleep easy knowing you're incentivising future Ochre output. Please spread the word; retweet, share, post etc.

Each full-album download contains a bonus track, with 'Lemodie' and 'Midsummer' having their respective CD 'secret' tracks appended to their tracklist, while 'Like Dust' features 'Threnodie', a track previously released as part of the 'Death of an Aura' EP (which I've now retired).

The expiry of my contracts with Benbecula also means that both albums will start to disappear from third-party download stores. Once all down, I'll set about distributing them through my own digital aggregator (probably Emubands, as they currently handle 'Midsummer' distro).

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Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.