Ochre Apparel Now Available/First LP Review by The Wire

The Wire (click to enlarge)

Combi-post. Firstly, I'm very proud to present a new line of professionally-designed Ochre apparel (currently comprising of some sweet tees and hoodies) sporting Nate Reeves' flowing Ochre logo. Manufactured on-demand through Spreadshirt, the garments feature some plush flock prints (the kind that's slightly raised and soft), as well as some special print treatments such as glitter and sparkle finishes. There are a generous variety of complementary colours available already, but I'll probably add a couple more products, such as some ladies tees. If there's anything else you'd like to see in there, then please feel free to make suggestions.

Worth noting: UK/European customers are probably best served by Spreadshirt.net, as it's based in Germany, but for everyone else, you'll probably want to buy from the US-based Spreadshirt.com.

Secondly, the first review has come back, from the venerable The Wire magazine. I've transcribed the review to text here, but you can probably read the original scan anyway, so here it is. Not a bad start to the album's life, I hope you'll agree. Now roll on Monday!

Have a good weekend.

P.S. Happy Birthday to me, antique-aged thirty...

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