Fictional Soundtrack Material for Download in mp3 and FLAC

Regular visitors to the site may have noticed a few changes to the music page, with the notable addition of 'Fictional Soundtrack,' eight tracks freely available for download in mp3 and FLAC formats.

These were demo pieces written in 2005 for a fairly well-known Half Life 2 mod called Minerva. It's a very well crafted mod, with a definite style of its own, and a cool, mysterious (i.e. rather cryptic) plot. I originally contacted the author, Adam Foster, and offered these tunes for subsequent episodes, but alas Adam had his music-needs already met. Ah well.

If you have HL2 on your PC, then go and grab Minerva---it's a very worthy free download, and a very challenging extension to the HL2 world. And would you believe it, on the back of the attention garnered by Minerva among the mod community, Adam now works for Valve, developing HL2: Episode 3. Very well-deserved in my opinion---congrats, Adam! That has to be the ultimate fairy tale ending to every mod developer's dream. Hopefully Adam will still have time to add further episodes to Minerva.

Anyway, back to the music---this is freely available under a Creative Commons licence, for you to use in your own not-for-profit games, mods, videos etc. If you want anything reworked or tweaked for a particular project, let me know. :)

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