Vintage Ochre tracks from ‘AudioMicroDevice’ now available for download/purchase

For those of you who were interested in hearing my very early works, I've added tracks from my 2001 demo CD, AudioMicroDevice, to the music page, completely remastered, with high quality versions also available for purchase. I guess it's the first time for almost eight years that these tracks are available in genuine lossless CD-quality, too.

AudioMicroDevice was originally given away to anyone who asked, and while the tracklist varied a bit depending on what I was writing at the time, I'm quite sure I've managed to collect all the tracks from the CD's various permutations (the discogs listing is pretty much accurate). Some of the tracks went on to be released on A Midsummer Nice Dream, others though various compilations, and so couldn't be included here; I'm just filling in the gaps, making the long-lost material available for those who are curious, for a bit of fun.

Stylistically, it's pretty varied stuff, written before I'd actually settled into any kind of musical identity; some of the tracks were actually college coursework pieces, which might account for the scattered nature of the CD.

Hope a track or two catches your ear, anyway. :)

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Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.