Are you on Virb?

Although I'd joined quite a while back, I've only now just gotten round to actually putting some content up there. For those who have no idea what I'm writing about, Virb is basically almost everything MySpace should be yet isn't. The music you upload isn't badly butchered down to a poor quality pale imitation of what you uploaded; nor are the images you upload suddenly peppered with unsightly jpeg compression artefacts. The interface is clean and user-friendly, featuring nice modern shiny web design touches such as AJAX elements, and has a decent straightforward flash music player too (and doesn't appear to limit the amount of music you can upload, either). It also appears to be highly customisable, though I've yet to really test that side of things.

All it's missing is the user base! Time will tell whether Virb can attract anything like the amount of users its rivals can, and whether this will impact its generous hosting terms. But if you're on there, feel free to drop me a comment... and add me! ;)

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