(Ever)Glade Festival

Phew, what a day last Friday was. After taking five and a half hours to travel a route that should have taken no longer than about an hour and a half, I finally made it to Glade, just in time to play my set. So much for the three hour notice! Many were held up outside the venue thanks to a severely flooded road/roundabout and the subsequent rescue operation to fish unfortunate children from the local primary school. We almost literally had to push the boat out when it came to just getting to Glade, as my trusty Polo sailed through eighteen inches of floodwater on many occasions, but I made it to gate three eventually and upon parking in a farm, I hurriedly set off to the ID Spiral Stage to play my set.

Thankfully the rain abated for the rest of the day (hopefully for the rest of the weekend -- I didn't stick around for the whole shebang, as much as I wouldn't mind catching Plaid and Squarepusher) and despite wrecking unsuitable footwear with the fetid sludge that covered the venue on my way to the stage, I managed to quickly set-up and played a two-hour set that thankfully went without a hitch. I was due for just a 90-minute set, but after following artists struggled to make it through the weather on time (understandably) I was asked to continue a little longer. Had quite a lot of material loaded up in my Ableton Live set, so this wasn't a problem.

Thanks to everyone who managed to make to the ID Spiral Stage and catch my set -- I hope you enjoyed it, and continued to enjoy the weekend.

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Header image: Understory cover art, by Guy Warley.