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Jay Bharadia remix up on SoundCloud

If you haven’t seen/heard my remix of Jay Bharadia, you can listen to/download it from SoundCloud, as well as the other remixes from Lone, Airliner ’67 and Implosion Quintet.

I’m actually on SoundCloud, and although currently mainly using it as a means of receiving mastering files, I’ll be uploading demos and sketches now and then, so if you’d like to ‘follow’ me to be notified of track uploads, please visit my page. SoundCloud is a very nifty service, totally optimised for listening and commenting to music—you can comment on particular sections of tracks using the natty timeline while listening. As far as I know there are also the obligatory widgets for posting/sharing tunes too.

The server can occasionally strain under the weight of users, as it’s getting rather popular, but it seems pretty responsive these days, ironing out its initial teething problems.

Meanwhile, back at Ochre HQ, the new album is back from mastering, coutesy of panicStudios. Sounding warm and punchy after being fed through some ridiculously expensive analogue gear, waiting patiently for a release schedule to slot into. I’ll be able to spill some more beans once I’ve got a definite plan to unveil.

Midsummer Nice Dream CDs and vinyl continue to shift nicely, but there are still a few copies left if you fancy one. If you’d rather have a download version, it’s slowly making its way through the usual download stores like iTunes and Napster etc. At the moment it’s currently selling for a ridiculously cheap $1.69 at Amie Street (for 320kbps mp3, no less), though given the dynamic pricing used there it’ll probably creep up slowly as people grab it. Also on Bandcamp for a flat $6, in just about every digital format available ever.

I think that’s the current news round-up sorted.

Lemodie on iTunes

Following some digital broker misunderstandings, the details of which I shall not bore you, Lemodie is back on iTunes. If you’ve got iTunes installed on your computer, you can hop straight to Lemodie here.

While I’m on the subject of downloads, Rednetic Recordings have updated their site with a swanky new download store, so you can now, for example, grab mp3 copies of my tracks Valley Forge and Reverse Engineering from the One Point One compilation, should you so wish. 😉

20 things you must know about music online

I’ve recently stumbled across a couple of blogs that have, as well as make me feel hideously under-productive, also inspired ideas and motivated me, as well as reassure a few inklings of my own.

The first site is New Music Strategies, run by Andrew Dubber, who provides a list of twenty tidbits of information regarding how to present and promote yourself as an online musician. Admittedly it’s not rocket science — most of the posts are pretty much common sense and should be reflexive for any musician with their head screwed on. But it’s great to see all these ideas bundled up in a neat list, though not complete or at all definitive — Andrew has already begun to expand upon the initial ideas present in greater detail, and also presented them in an essential free pdf.

The second site that has caught my eye and made it on to my newly-created blogroll, is Hometracked, a site dedicated to, as the name suggests, all things DIY music production, from production hints and tips to industry news and commentary. Quite a lot of material already exists on the site, but for now I’ll continue the theme and link to a follow-up interview with Andrew Dubber, discussing some of the points put forward in his ’20 things…’ list.

It’s nice to see Andrew reflect my personal irk of 30 second track snippets — it does nobody any favours, and in my experience makes the listener feel short-changed when the full track doesn’t live up to the potential suggested by the snippet. (iTunes take note, and congratulations Bleep for showing how it should be done.) Also, it’s nice to read about the value of giving away music for free, provided in addition to that for sale.

Both sites are a goldmine for indie musicians. Feel free to discuss below or in the forum.