‘National Ignition’ Out Now

All those who pre-ordered the album will already have a download link sitting in their inbox, but for everyone else, National Ignition is released today! It’s available on Bandcamp for full streaming in its entirety, as well as offering a 24-bit lossless FLAC option for the download. Of course, if you’d prefer to download elsewhere, it’s also online at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Music etc.

15 thoughts on “‘National Ignition’ Out Now

  1. Congratulations on your new album, Chris! Hard to believe we’ve been waiting 3 years for this. Seems like yesterday, blah blah. =)

    Anyway, tweeted and reddited at your request. Let the orders roll in!

  2. What a treat! I’ve been listening to your work over the last two years and checking your site periodically for more. I missed the Jan. 6 post but it makes this all the more exciting as now I have something to listen to as I settle down to study for a Nursing test I have tomorrow.

  3. Happy to see a few tracks I recognized and missed (Blue Hours, Glassmaker) at long last made their way onto a bona fide album! Great work! I’m enjoying the whole thing!

  4. I feel that a lot of the tracks on this album lack the sophistication and unique quality of your old works. Tracks like “Blue Hours” maintain it pretty well with the lovely organic samples and multiple layers of complexity, but tracks like “Glassmaker” and “Self Assembly” shift to a less organic, more plain techno sound. I miss the voices of “Infotain Me”, the many instruments of “Raido”, and the melody of “111”. Those songs have an incredible amount of depth, something that a large portion of “National Ignition” lacks.

    In short, the charm of your music to me is the mix of many instruments with subtle techno and a nice melody.

    “National Ignition” seems more focused on heavy techno and less of the instruments, the melody showing up every once in a while.

    1. Thanks for the unflinchingly honest feedback, Charles. Never fun to receive and read (especially first thing in the morning, as I did), but it’s clearly something you feel strongly enough about to deliver a comment directly to me.

      I’ll never please everyone; for those I do please, I’m grateful.

    2. Interesting to read your impressions. Awaiting the Green Morning and Jack In were my early favorites from this album but I think Glassmaker has become my overall favorite though I do have to admit to being a bit put off at first. The aggressive sound that comes in around 0:45 caused me to change the track the first time it came up and I avoided it for a little while following that. For me though it manages to present an example of a harsh sound that I don’t like in some electronica music but gives it a meaningful melody to contribute to the many interweaving melodies that follow it. The stretching-like melody at 2:45 is another effect I don’t usually like but find pleasantly handled here.

      I also find it interesting that the faster themes, usually comprised of less “organic” sounds (and I don’t know how much I like that word), are in the foreground on this album while they were often times ancillary to the more “organic” melodies of previous albums.

      (Sorry if my descriptions are strange. It’s not often I write my interpretations of music.)

      1. I’d say that’s an accurate assessment. This album’s probably my most overtly synth-led since ‘Midsummer’, which is how I’m enjoying it at the moment.

        For those who generally prefer the more orchestral elements in my music, there’s always the Snow Palms ‘Intervals’ album from a couple of months back.

  5. I feel that you should never listen to your fans 🙂
    Having said that, my impressions are that you’re progressing, transmuting and changing, and that’s only a good thing.
    Instrumentally I can’t fault it – overall there’s a more plain, oblique sound than previous albums.
    The only fault I find with glassmaker is that the ducking initially is so strong that it confuses the listener as to which is the dominant downbeat.
    Otherwise a stellar track.

    Awaiting the Green Morning definitely brought up those nostalgic feelings, but not in a way I’m used to, so I appreciate that.

    Production-wise, it sounds like your approach is changing too – and that’s great.

      1. Absolutely. The best music comes from creators who love the sound it makes.
        If the creator enjoys, there are others who will enjoy as well.
        Sure, trying something new might not float every listener’s boat, but that should never be a reason to stop.

        Thanks for the earlier reply Chris; keep riding your sound waves.

  6. What a great discography you have now built up. I use your music to the soundtrack to many of my product design lessons, the kids love your music as it creates an insping backdrop to design to.


    P.S I also love the artwork for ‘National Ignition.’

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