Collaborative project album coming up: Snow Palms – ‘Intervals’

At the start of the year I completed a project with composer David Sheppard, collaborating on his Snow Palms album, ‘Intervals’ (Village Green). David’s a composer of beautiful minimal, idiophone-based music in a similar vein to Reich, Glass et al, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to add my own production flourishes to some of the tracks he’d laid down, working on six of the eleven album tracks in the end. I also got to score for a string quartet, which isn’t something I regularly get to do, so that was quite the welcome challenge.

A review of the album surfaced today on Fluid Radio — check it out to read a take on what we’ve done (though for whatever reason, I’m not mentioned there — I’m involved, I promise!).

It’s due for release on 19th of November. For more info/press copy and audio excerpts, please visit the release page on Village Green.

5 thoughts on “Collaborative project album coming up: Snow Palms – ‘Intervals’

  1. Chris, this is amazing piece of work man!!!Trully your style gets through the years more and more refined and sophisticated.This is your hugest follower from Greece, Alexandros telling you that even Steve Reich would be really jeallous of your acomplisment.Elements of original neoclassicism,new romantics, and sweet mellancholy as well, can be found all over this new collaborative project of yours!!!Brass & Strings sections sounds fantastic.Great collaboration man,amazing stuff here!!Really looking forward for your new solo release(this year i hope,can’t really forget David Elsewhere extract…)

    1. Thanks Alexandros! Very glad to hear you’re enjoying it. I do often wonder if fans of my electronica stuff will also enjoy my collaborations or soundtrack work; I know it won’t always follow, so thank you.

      It made for an interesting change in workflow and style, scoring and arranging the strings, adding the orchestral elements and so on. Frankly, it was nice not having to have to deal with a blank canvas each time!

  2. Awesome! You werent lying about a 2012 release! Must go hear samples! I just realized we are approaching the eve of its release. Cheers to its success! May it gracefully befall many ears on many corners of the globe.

    So are you heavily involved with every track on this collaboration?

    Dare i echo the previous comment and say; I too await the next ochre release!

    I Hope your holidays are full and bright mr.Leary.


    1. Thanks Aaron! I noticed today that Norman Records kindly selected the album as their album of the week, which I’m rather pleased about.

      Not quite; I worked on seven of the eleven tracks. David sent me the stems for each of his intricately composed and recorded songs, and I mixed them, adding electronic production and orchestral elements (luckily, I got to score for a string quartet for four of the tracks). Basically, David composed the idiophonic core of each track, and I embellished them.

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