Early Learning Now Available for Download

Download 'Early Learning' on BandcampI’d been planning to re-release these tracks properly for a while now, to give them the conclusive send-off they deserve. Thanks to the help of some friends, plus some professional mastering, I can happily announce that Early Learning is now available for a name-your-price download on Bandcamp! (iTunes etc. will follow over the forthcoming weeks.)

Although all the tracks have been previously released online in one form or another in the past, to collate and properly sequence them, give them a polish and adorn with some great nkurence-penned artwork, has breathed new life into them.

Early Learning constitutes most of my pre-‘Midsummer’ output from between 2001 and 2003, and in some cases required revisiting the Cubase VST 5 song files, to be remixed and re-rendered for a cohesive release (i.e. tracks 1, 3 & 9). Being a download-only album, it seemed like a good opportunity to encode the FLACs in 24-bit, exceeding the 16-bit sound quality typical of a CD-borne album. (Which reminds me, I can also upgrade the FLAC editions of ‘Like Dust’, Lemodie and ‘Midsummer’ with 24-bit FLACs too. Shall arrange this when I get the chance.)

I’ve also taken full advantage of Bandcamp’s bonus-bundling capabilities, uploading a couple of extra tracks (a remastered ‘Bipolar Bears’, plus my Zelda remix), in addition to Chris Larkee’s video for ‘Esign’. The Esign video has been updated with the remastered audio, and rendered to a 720p H.264/MPEG-4 video file.


Please remember to hit those like/tweet buttons on Bandcamp and help spread the word. Much appreciated, thanks.

10 thoughts on “Early Learning Now Available for Download

  1. Guess I’ll be first to say thanks. Its really nice to have a cleaned up version of your older stuff. Thanks for putting the time and effort in. Anything new on the horizon?

  2. Thanks for this, I’m loving it. Glad to here new stuff is on the horizon too, I loved ‘glassmaker’ and ‘blue hours’.

  3. Another fantastic job, Chris! I really love these old tunes, nice to see them given the respect and love they deserve. And the cover is fabulous!

    I posted this to Digg and Reddit, hopefully that might drive some buyers your way, or at least get them to listen.

    Any chance you will get this pressed into an actual CD in the future?

  4. Thanks folks!

    I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the positive response to the album. It’s certainly making me feel a bit more confident about the next release anyway.

    As for a CD edition of Early Learning, I’m not sure that’d be feasible. If I’m putting something on CD, I’d have to do it properly and get a glass-mastered replication run (rather than duplicated CDRs), which may not be cost effective for the numbers I’d sell, I don’t know.

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