‘Like Dust of the Balance’ Pre-orders Available

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01. Circadies 06. Hang Garden
02. Whispers 07. Pteron
03. Dustlands 08. Lunar Suburbia
04. Raido 09. A Great Wave
05. Napolese 10. The Balance

Yep, my next album ‘Like Dust of the Balance’, is now available to pre-order directly from Benbecula, to ship on the 20th of July. It’s quite far off, I’ll admit, but then if you order early enough you’ll have long forgotten by the time its release rolls around, and you can surprise your future self with a gift.

23 thoughts on “‘Like Dust of the Balance’ Pre-orders Available

  1. It’s digipak this time, Nate, but no vinyl LP on the horizon at the moment. Too expensive (I still have copious amounts of AMND on vinyl that aren’t shifting — the CDs outsold these many times over).

  2. hey there chris,was expecting earlier the release but anyway i’ll try not to think about it and most off all to avoid any pre-listening of the new material (wherever it is avaliable) under any circumstances,till the original copy get’s to my hi-fi.looking forward to find some “infotain me”moments there!by the way what happened to your space profile? did you delete it?respect from greece alexandros

  3. Thanks Alexandros. Yep, I deleted my MySpace page, after much deliberation. Apart from not wanting to be a part of the Empire, I thought it was time to try and focus on my own website rather than have the upkeep of various (anti)’social media’ outposts. Also, the player kept screwing up, skipping tracks half-way through. Plus the design is an utter CSS abomination, and I’m fed up with people using MySpace as a replacement for email, which it patently is not. Fed up with looking at Skins ads too. Besides, I’ll be 30 this year… I think MySpace virtually euthanises everyone over 30, Logan’s Run style. 🙂 It’s had its day, all in all.

    Facebook is hanging on for the time being, as its music player works and the comments are free from spam (for the time being). Once that site takes a dive it’s having it’s plug pulled too.

  4. Well, Bleep will have streams up when the time comes. Personally, I don’t understand why people would feel inclined to buy something before they can hear it, but I know the label thinks differently—which is fair enough, hence the lack of comprehensive Bandcamp streams.

  5. couldn’t resist to temptation…listened to the new record of yours….(the 5 new tracks only once)…nothing less than a masterpiece……..a masterpiece…..a masterpiece….. speachless…….breathtaking…..over.
    wish you a nice summer… Alexandros

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