My Download Store Stats, Closure

Well, it was a fun experiment for the past six months, setting up a download store for my unreleased music. But following the removal of a few tunes for an upcoming release, I’ve decided I’d rather have more people listen to my music than have a little extra pocket money, so I’ve reverted to giving everything away for free (still in 320kbps mp3 and FLAC formats).

For those curious about the kind of money I was making with the store, here are some stats: Since launch, 56 generous souls purchased music from the store, with 120 items sold in total, earning me about £299 (minus the monthly E-Junkie service plan fee and PayPal charges). Not a bad run for a musical nobody such as myself.

Hopefully the disclosure of my sales information doesn’t come off sounding either like a complaint or a boast—just keeping you all in the loop. Thanks very much to everyone who stumped-up for the downloads; the warm fuzzy feeling you must have felt supporting independent music will have hopefully made up for the slight annoyance of seeing it all freely available again.

In an altogether non-unrelated subject, this little read and the subsequent discussion may provide some entertainment. As a die-hard cynic I couldn’t help but revel in its unrelenting, though thoroughly entertaining, pessimism. Certainly brought up a few smiles reading it, that’s for sure.

Well, I’ll limp on, musically, trying my damnedest to get this album finished before 2010…

19 thoughts on “My Download Store Stats, Closure

  1. Hey Josh—that seems like a great move, making all your tracks available for download—even the commercial ones in a limited bitrate. Quite a brave move too, but it obviously seems to work well for you—one of the advantages of having your own label. I can’t imagine trying to talk a label into giving away free album downloads though, even if it makes sense to get people listening as easily as possible.

    Yeah, I’ve popped up a little donation button on the sidebar, and have received my first donation. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. I just discovered your stuff a few weeks ago and immediately bought Lemodie off Bleep. Fantastic. I am looking forward to your next album.

  3. Hey Chris,

    I grabbed a lot of this music way back when you first had a huge play list available for download, so I decided to grab them all again sorted by volume – which is great being able to see how your music has evolved. In sorting out my itunes I have discovered a few rogue tracks and wondered where they fit in to the scheme of things, as they are not on the the current media player (unless I am not seeing them for looking)

    They are: Neroreto, Peti & Circades

    Also, unless they were scrambled during download, the PDF files in the archives are named wrong – the PDF named Vol 1 has the Vol 3 image, Vol 2 the vol 1, and vol 3 the vol 2.

    Not meaning to be picky, I just thought you would like to know 🙂

    All the best Chris, and yes I totally agree with the other posters that we need access to some hard copies of your music – maybe an organised petition is in order. I am totally confident that whatever they press would sell out very quick indeed – what do they have to loose!

    keep up the beautiful music


  4. Hi Simon,

    Thanks very much for the kind words, and for letting me know about my inadvertent artwork shuffling! I knew I’d have to screw something up, and have to re-upload those massive zips again…

    Circadies is off the last download EP, Death of an Aura, and will probably also be on the next album, hence the removal. As for Petl and Neoretro, a new 12″ EP containing both of these tracks, plus the Bass Recorder remix I did—as well as a new track—is imminent. I’ll put some release info up once I have a date. 🙂

  5. Sorry to be the bringer of upload doom……

    As for the special tracks I will delete them, erase my memory and forget I ever heard them while looking forward to future releases.

    *eyes start to glaze over*

    Tracks…..what tracks… idea what your talking about there….

    best regards

    Oh, and please come and play a gig in Birmingham …..hell I’m sure I could fit a few hundred people in my apartment if needs be…… ok – maybe not.

  6. chris, i just recently re-discovered your music and found your site, and needless to say your music is some of the very few that i would pay to hear. i discovered it in high school (dallas, texas), at least 4 years ago, when a friend of a friend gave me a blank cd with the word “ochre” on it.

    not that any of this really matters to you, but i will definitely be picking up your next album!

  7. hi chris, i’m just checking in. i was one to purchase vol I II and III in FLAC. just glad you got some ‘compensation’. i know deep down that all art struggles to be free as the air we breathe.

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