Music Volume Four Out Now

The latest instalment in Benbecula’s Music series, Music Volume Four, is now out, featuring a track of mine entitled ‘The Everywhere Air’. The compilation also features some fantastic tracks by Christ. and Prhizzm, and is quite frankly a steal at a fiver. Head over to Benbecula to buy a copy.

2 thoughts on “Music Volume Four Out Now

  1. Yes. I bought this little collection from the rather cool benbecula. That Prhizzm track is particularly niche kebab – the nicheness compounded somewhat by the fact that he was apparently unaware that his track was released on said collection! the humour!

    The Everywhere Air is another quality sojourn in that fluffy place I call Ochre. On a more general note, with regards to you musical outputthus far, and I mean this as no disrespect (and i trust you will not interpret it as such) – I get a similar warm fluffy feeling as that of lighter-hearted Plaid musings; I hear many commendable parallels.

    well-the funk-done.

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